Reunions and Nepali Momos

unnamed A couple of weekends ago Lyle and I went down to D.C. where many of Lyle’s friends from Nepal gathered. Many of them hadn’t seen each other in over six years however everyone picked up as if those years had not passed. Since I had not met many of Lyle’s friends from abroad, it was really amazing to see the strong bonds and community that made him who he is today.

Along with great company, the reunion wasn’t complete without the traditional meal of Momos–a Nepali dumpling which is arguably better than the traditional Chinese potstickers. Since Deviyani featured below is an expert Nepali chef we were able to make them at home. The process was much easier than I had expected but, you do need to have a steamer of some sort.


Pork Momos

We found all of the ingredients at a local Asian market. Momos are simple–you need filling and dough. Here is a good recipe for the filling. Although you can make the dough from scratch, it is much easier and less time consuming to use the pre-made wrappers from the store.


Deviyani teaches us wrapping technique!

We dipped the edges of the wraps in water so that we could stick them together after they were filled. IMG_2836_2 We made two versions of filling–a veggie version and a pork version. Both were delicious but the meat momo’s are a bit juicier!IMG_2838 Since we pre-wetted the wraps all we did was put the filling in and pinch the sides closed. IMG_2839 IMG_2845_2 In addition to different fillings, we also had a couple versions of the wrapping style–round wrapped and crescents.


Round Momos


Crescent Momos


Tara and Micah

You can eat these dumplings as is or serve them along with achar, a side dish that often accompanies momos. Here is a simple recipe. I am so glad I learned the basics of making these treats–I will surely be making more Momos in the near future! Thanks Dev for being a great teacher! ❤


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