Dreaming of Fall

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Recently I have been getting excited about all the things Fall! The summer has been great but fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons. I love seeing the leafs turn, the brisk air and wearing cozy clothes. It also is the time of my favorite holiday–Thanksgiving! It is a little crazy that I am already anticipating the next season. It feels like summer just started but it’s already the end of August! Do the years go by faster as you get older?

This time of year reminds me of back to school shopping but this year, I have to pretend since I am no longer in school. Here are a couple of things I have my eye on for my Fall wardrobe. Links are provided.

In addition to shopping for cold weather, there is nothing like celebrating a new season with seasonal fare. I recently purchased the vegetarian cookbook Plenty, which I would highly recommend. It is amazing for folks who are comfortable with basic cooking but want expand their go-to meal selection. I like Plenty because the ingredients are approachable and reasonable. Sometimes cookbooks only list luxury items that are not only expensive but difficult to find in a normal grocery store. Plenty uses some fancy spices but, who wouldn’t want a more complete spice collection? In my opinion, the more wholesome your spice collection the easier it is to cook and experiment in the long term. It is not often you have to purchase cardamom for example, so why not invest in it for future meals?

Anyways…just some food for thought! Here are some autumn recipes that I would like to try. Comment below with your favorite seasonal recipes and I will be sure to try them out!

I hope seasonal shopping and food gets you as excited as I am for the Fall!


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