101 in 1001: Post Summer Update


I impressed myself this summer and made some good progress on my 101 in 1001 list! As of today, I am almost a quarter of the way to my 101 items–right on track! The remainder of these are a bit more difficult which is probably why they are still not crossed out. I will need to get my planner and start goal setting to finish.

The completed items are crossed out in red—but here are the highlights:

As promised in my previous post, I meant to share a story that happened while I was on vacation in Mexico. On the last day of our trip we decided visiting the spa would be the best way to end vacation. Fortunately for me, I was able to cross off an item on my 101 list. Unfortunately for me post-massage I broke out in an allergic reaction to the oil that they were using at the spa. It was terrible but impeccable timing since I was leaving for home the very next day. All is well now and I am perfectly normal ! Lesson learned–patch test your skin before using a new product!


Since the embarrassing situation in Mexico, I have invested in a pair of new glasses which I am so excited to wear! I have never felt very comfortable wearing glasses but these just make me feel great!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

To continue the nerdy streak, I have also started a book club with some girls I work with. Our first meeting will be in October and we will be reading The Secret History By Donna Tartt (she also wrote The Goldfinch, which was a great read). Look out for the book review in October!


Finally, last but not least, I was able to cross off attending an NFL game. We attended the first Ravens pre-season game! Yes, it was only pre-seaon but tickets were only $16!


1. Start and finish 101 in 1001
2. Deactivate Facebook (January 1, 2015)
3. See 2 Broadway plays
4. Go to 5 different museums (Walter’s Art Museum)
5. Travel to NYC (January 2015)
6. Send 3 people unexpected care packages
7. Go to an NFL game
8. Visit a family member who I have yet to visit
9. Go to a winery
10. Read 25 books (Unbroken, The Tipping Point, Born to Run, Girl on a Train, The Great Gatsby, Never Let Me Go, Beautiful Boy, Modern Romance, Tender is the Night)
11. Read all the books written by one author
12. Pay off my car
13. Volunteer for an organization (Hackerman Patz House, Sinai Hospital)
14. Get new glasses
15. Plan 3 weekend getaway trips (NYC in February, Outer Banks North Carolina)
16. Host a dinner club
17. Create a lean closet (January 25, 2015)
18. Take a cooking class
19. Try vegetarianism for a month
20. Go to 3 concerts (Kiran Ahuwalia, Taking Back Sunday, Global Citizen Concert in D.C.)
21. Go camping
22. Go to Pimlico horse race
23. Travel to 2 new cities (Kitty Hawk, NC, Oranjestad, Aruba)
24. Go to brunch with bottomless mimosas
25. Make homemade ice cream
26. Go to a TED conference
27. Take a self-defense class
28. Invest in 2 new coffee table books
29. Learn how to fish tale braid
30. Do a headstand in yoga
31. Stay with 5,3 more airbnb hosts
32. Visit an amusement park (Zoo in D.C.)
33. Get a massage/spa day
34. Purchase a nice camera
35. Lose 10 lbs
36. Find some plants for my apartment
37. Send 30 handwritten notes/letters (10/30)
38. Clean up iTunes library
39. Join or start a book club
40. Make 2 new friends in Baltimore
41. Order mussels at a restaurant
42. Develop interests in 2 random topics/subjects (Watercoloring)
43. Purchase decorative pillows and a nice throw
44. Create a time capsule to be opened at age 30
45. Create a list of all the US States I have visited and states that I have yet to visit
46. Watch a Ted talk a day for 2 weeks
47. Sell something on Etsy
48. Purchase something on Etsy
49. Participate/Comment on an article on the NYT
50. Travel to Europe
51. Watch 15 seasons of TV (Orange is the New Black 1-2, Broad City Season 2, House of Cards Season 3, Silicon Valley Season 2, Game of Thrones Season 5, True Detective Season 2, The Wire 1-4, Mad Men 1)
52. Purge on beauty products; only keep what is needed and used
53. Learn how to do my own eyebrows
54. Make 10 OpenTable Reservations (Blue Agave, The Food Market, City Cafe, The Helmand)
55.  Save $10 for every item completed on this list
56. Reread all the Harry Potter books
57. Watch all of The Lord of the Rings movies
58. Watch all movies that won best picture of the last 10 years
59. Watch 10 documentaries (Dark Girls, Citizenfour, Nature)
60. Go to a speakeasy
61. Visit a upscale thrift shop
62. Go to a poetry or story slam
63. Write 6 product reviews (5/6)
64. Make a friend through blogging


65. Learn to use Adobe Illustrator
66. Increase twitter followers to 300
67. Get a promotion at work
68. Take the GMAT
69. Invest money (January 28, 2015)
70. Attend a conference
71. Make business cards
72. Become a mentor to someone
73. Take a online class or certification
74. Complete at least 50 posts on my blog (21/50)
75. Transition blog to a self hosted domain
76. Earn a bonus at work
77. Create a style guide for blog


78. Take a calligraphy class
79. Start a lifestyle blog (January 11, 2015)
80. Oil paint on canvas
81. Make 25 new foods from cookbooks (Cauliflower and Pea Bhaji,Pressed Tofu, Tomato Garlic Tortellini Soup, Chili con Elote, Gazpacho, Aioli Sauce, Brazilian Salsa, Moosewood Lasagne, Mushroom and Broccoli Casserole)
82. Learn to make pasta
83. Take an interior design class
84. Do 5 Pinterest DIY projects
85. Write a travel story
86. Paint with watercolors
87. Create a stamp of my own
88. Attend a glassblowing workshop
89. Re-create resume in a creative format
90. Make a book on blurb
91. Find a doodling book and doodle everyday for a month
92. Conduct 5 photography shoots


93. Join a pool for lap swimming
94. Stop drinking for 1 month
95. Meditate once a day for 1 month
96. Try fasting or a cleanse
97. Do a yoga retreat
98. Drink green tea instead of coffee for 2 months
99. Start using natural and sulfate free shampoo
100. Stop washing my hair everyday
101. Hike a trail in a national park (Arikok National Park, Aruba)


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