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In honor of the first day of Fall term at the University of Oregon, I felt the need to post about a back-to-school craze–backpack shopping! Throughout my years in school, I used The North Face Jester backpack. I loved mine. It was durable, versatile for traveling, and had a lifetime warranty which was amazing and came in handy on more than one occasion. The one you see above is an older version of this one. Recently however, I have been on the lookout for an upgrade. I love the sporty look of my North Face but, here are some packs that are a little more professional and trendy.

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Wolfepack Leather Backpack (top left) – I love this pack. It’s a great burgundy and appears to be high quality leather. Although a bit of an investment, leather lasts.

Mau’s Backpack (top right) – When I was traveling in Europe (when the first picture in this post was taken), I came across a fair trade brand called O My Bag in Amsterdam. They also sell leather bags but this pack a nice canvas one. This one here is my favorite in their line.

Ellie Faux Leather Mini Backpack (bottom left) -If you want a cheaper alternative to the first leather pack, this is a great option by Sole Society that won’t break your wallet.

Oaxacan Dome Backpack (bottom right) – Yet another leather brand that I find myself drawn to is Will Leather Goods. It is a Eugene based company that was founded by Will Adler. You can read up about the family-owned company here! They even have a fairly new store in Portland, OR where I spotted this bag. I like the bright colors and of course leather accents.

If you are wanting some other options, Hershel is a good place to look–it seems like they have become the new Jansport! Until next time!


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