Alexandria Awaits!


I have been looking forward to exploring more of the local treasures near and around Baltimore and D.C. While my sister visited, we decided to take a quick day trip. Only an hour south of Baltimore you can find the gorgeous old town of Alexandria–the city that George Washington called home. The town is right on the Potomac River and is full of fine dining, boutique shopping and is decorated with original cobblestone streets.



It truly felt like a getaway town for the busy city folks.

There is quite a bit to do in Alexandria–enough for some to spend a week or so just eating, shopping and visiting historic sites. We managed a compact day trip but planned for another visit by the end of it.

King street is the main road that goes right through old town. It is about a one mile stretch lined with restaurants, ice cream parlors, and quaint coffee shops. For brunch, we went to the Warehouse Bar and Grill and sipped on champagne and strawberries. So posh!


And of course….after brunch we ate ICE CREAM and did a bit of window shopping. 🙂 There were so many parlors on King Street so we had to walk back and forth a couple times before deciding on a place. We ended up at The Creamery and I got peanut butter fudge ice cream–so delicious.


Not exactly my style, but the Lucky Knot is heaven for Lilly Pulitzer fans–Look at all those prints!

IMG_3074 8.49.03 PM

The Lucky Knot, Alexandria, VA

Post ice cream and shopping, we headed south to Mt. Vernon, the historic home and estate of George Washington. We drove down but, there is a gorgeous bike trail which is on my must do list next time I visit Alexandria. I have to invest in the bike before then so we’ll see how that goes. Recommendations are welcome!

We did not realize but the mansion was under construction so it wasn’t as regal as it could have been but here is what it looks like normally. President Washington was one successful man, especially for his time. He was actually the designer and architect of his own home.


Mt Vernon Estate


The Gardens at Mt. Vernon Estate

I’m not sure if these were weeds or intentionally placed flowers but, they were my favorite in the garden. So fresh and bright!


We spent some time lounging and chatting in the gardens and called it a day! Until next time, Alexandria!



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