My 6 Favorite Subscription Based Services


I have never had so many subscriptions as I have in 2015. This year we saw great shifts in television viewing habits, shopping trends and in general a movement towards subscription based services. Now, there are more and more services that allow you to access entertainment, shop, complete chores and engage in activities all while sitting at home. Here is a compilation and review of all of the subscriptions that I currently have or have tried in the past.

Entertainment Subscriptions

2000px-Netflix_logo.svgOne of the most popular subscription based services–streaming TV. I have to admit that I am a cord-cutter.  Eliminating cable television has been a lucrative move for young millennials who have transitioned to streaming viewing options such as, Netflix, Hulu and HBOgo. It is much cheaper to just have internet and many popular shows can now be found streaming online. Like most people, I give Netflix a 10/10.

Audible_logo15Although I do not currently have a subscription to Audible I highly recommend it if you spend a lot of time driving or commuting. There are varying tiers of their membership program however, if you go with the most basic it is free for the 1st month and then $14.95 for the following months (no requirement on number of months). Each month you receive a “credit” which you can use to purchase an audiobook. If you are busy one month the credit can rollover to the next month.  I really enjoyed the subscription to audible while I worked in sales. I spent a lot of time in my car driving to various accounts and it was a great way to keep me entertained throughout the day. Also a great option for road-tripping!

Beauty, Health and Lifestyle

6051700368_4385c3d613It seems that monthly beauty subscriptions are all the rave. So many women I know have at least dabbled in some sort of beauty  subscription. I tried Birchbox but many of my friends prefer their competitor Ipsy. A quick comparison of the two–both are comparable in their price. Birchbox sends their 5 sample size products in cute cardboard box and the products are much more focused on lifestyle and wellness such as, skincare, spf’s and perfumes. Ipsy products are sent in a mini makeup bag that you can reuse. The products are usually full size but focus more towards makeup and hair. If you are a guy and interested in sampling new products, Birchbox does have a men’s subscription option. Another option is Dollar Shave Club which has gained wild popularity amongst young men.

I thought that once I quit my Birchbox subscription I would be done for good however, Julep caught my eye and I love it! Although a bit pricier, I have been very impressed. I get 3 full sized products every month that are high quality and are normally a high retail price. Julep focuses on nail polish which is fun but if you are tired of receiving new colors you have the option of switching out one of your polishes for all sorts of other beauty products such as eyeliners, lipsticks and additional nail care products. You can also switch out colors that you do not want to receive so that you do not end up with duplicates. I did the 3 month trial membership which gives you a free introductory box.


Lifestyle Subscriptions


Do you like doing DIY projects? If so, CreativeBug is really great for learning new craft projects or skills online. It is around $5 a month and you get access to all the videos that creators and artists have posted. They are good quality videos and will tell you exactly where to purchase the materials needed for the project. Every month you earn a “credit” which you can use towards purchasing a online tutorial to save in your library forever. I do not subscribe to creativebug anymore however, the videos that I bought/saved using my monthly credits I have access to them whenever I want. I recently started watercolor painting and took all of my lessons online at It’s really a great resource if you like being creative.


My newest subscription. In all honesty, I am a little nervous about this one. StitchFix is a subscription based clothing service which pairs you with a personal stylist. You fill out a style profile and whenever you request a “stitchfix” you are sent 5 items in the mail. You pay a $20 styling fee which goes towards purchasing anything that you keep in your box. Anything you do not wish to keep you send back in their prepaid shipping bag. I got my first stitch fix last week and really loved all of the clothes I received. Since I am so particular about sizing, I was a little nervous but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure if I’ll try it again but, it was a lot of fun trying it out! Check out what I got in my StitchFix! If you are interested, use my referral link here 🙂


Which of these have you used? Which are your favorites? I would love to try out DoYouYoga and a Wine Delivery service but am open to suggestions! Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “My 6 Favorite Subscription Based Services

    • meghanavdeodhar says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the comment 🙂 Did you like Ipsy or Birchbox better? You should try stitch fix! I just got my first shipment last week. I was nervous about sizing too but was stunned at how well all the items fit. I have so much trouble finding good jeans but somehow the ones they sent fit great and were extremely flattering. The style profile is quite detailed about sizing as well as your style preferences. The good thing is that if you don’t like it, they don’t compel you to keep ordering. Try it out! 🙂


      • caniputitonmyface says:

        I resubscribed to Birchbox after more than a year off and all my points from my old account were still there. I love the points for the shop and that my previous purchases and membership counted towards becoming an Aces member. Now I get free shipping on everything in the shop. I definitely prefer Birchbox but I loved getting bags from Ipsy. Now I get bags from Beauteque Monthly so I’m good there!


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