Thanksgiving Menu Planning

This is my first thanksgiving away from home in Portland so I decided to make it special by taking a stab at Turkey Day dinner. My family always did a non-traditional Indian-style thanksgiving meal so I am very new to the turkey and gravy components. Here is my planning so far…Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome!

Main Course-Turkey for Two
I found these two recipes online and am still deciding between which to try. The one on the right appears to be more traditional but the tamarind glaze sounds so tempting!

Is it bad that I am way more excited about the side dishes than the turkey itself? I love sampling many different dishes and trying a bit of each. In Indian cuisine it is often that there are many smaller components to a meal rather than one main dish so maybe that’s why I like side dishes so much. Anyways, here are some recipes that I’ve narrowed it down to. Some are pretty typical, like stuffing and gravy but I wanted to couple the basics with some new ones.

Stuffing – I’m not comfortable stuffing a turkey so I might stick with a pan stuffing recipe. I’m sure true stuffing recipes taste much better and more like a turkey.


Sage, Onion and Smoked Bacon Stuffing

Gravy – it looks like most people make this ahead of time. I think I’ll try this recipe from Southern Living.


Brussel Sprouts – I’ve recently developed a taste for these mini-cabbages. Anything wrapped in bacon is usually pretty tasty, but I am leaning more towards the recipe on the left. Garlic aioli is very easy to make and goes with nearly everything.

Creamed Corn – This recipe as well as the macaroni and cheese below are the most comforting of comfort foods. I found both recipes on the damn delicious blog. I have made a couple of her recipes and most have been deliciously simple. Peruse through her archives and you are sure to find some gems.


Enter a caption

Macaroni and Cheese — Another recipe from damn delicious. This is a fancy take on mac and cheese so we are in for a treat. Gruyere cheese and bacon…YUM.


Cranberry Sauce – Recipe here. This is perfect to make the day before so you can focus on the main dishes the day of.



Pecan Pie a la mode – what is Thanksgiving without pie and ice cream? Most people choose apple pie but my absolute favorite is pecan pie. Extremely easy and so delicious.Pecan_pie,_November_2010.jpg

Candied Yams  – I have recently developed a taste for yams so I will be trying this recipe on Thursday. 6f60f0626b841b184d856767d3f76215.jpg

If you are like me and don’t know how to do anything with a turkey, this Martha Stewart guide is helpful. There are photos and instructions on how to stuff and carve the birdy. Check it out here. Hope you found this helpful! Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome! Happy Thanksgiving !


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