Tracking My Travels: U.S.A.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

I did this little exercise to see where in the world I have traveled and the places I would still like to visit. I limited the scope to the US since there are still so many states in my country alone that I would like to explore.

I was born in New York but grew up in Portland, OR. I consider myself a native west-coaster and as you can tell I have done much more exploring on the left half of the country.

The pink trail that you see across the country was all accomplished a few summers ago when Lyle and I drove cross-country to move to Baltimore, MD. Now, I will have to make some plans to explore New England, the South and the upper Midwest.

Here are my top 5 places I would like to visit next–

  • Boston, Massachusetts – my cousin lives in Boston and has been trying to get me to visit. It’s really not far from Baltimore so I have little room for excuses 🙂 Southwest has some great prices on tickets to Boston. My friend just snagged some roundtrip tickets for under $150.Boston_skyline_at_earlymorning.jpg
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – I’m completely motivated by the food scene. It is just such an incredible mix of culture that I would love to explore. I hear that NO is wild most times of the year.Panama.langostasobrepapitacriolla.jpg

    If you want to learn more about the creole food scene, wiki has a good summary. I will definitely research restaurant guides and watch Anthony Bourdain before visiting (I love his show, The Layover. It’s on Netflix and has an episode on NO).

  • Somewhere, Wisconsin – Appleton would be the most likely place I visit in Wisconsin.  I have some family up there and have yet to visit them. I also hear that WI has really really great cheese. YUM 🙂
  • Somewhere, Alaska – Alaska is probably one of the most photogenic and beautiful states in our country.  Just look at some of these pics!
    There are some pretty affordable Alaskan cruises and since I haven’t been on a cruise and haven’t been to Alaska it could be a grand trip.
  • Portland, Maine – I’ve always wanted to visit the other Portland and Maine in general. I hear the wilderness is just spectacular. Wouldn’t a cabin retreat here be so amazing? url-1.jpg

I gotta start planning some trips! Ideally I would do another road trip so I can cover more ground but that might not happen until I get an extended vacation like I did while in school. We shall see! Maybe I’ll sneak one in during my time off in December. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tracking My Travels: U.S.A.

    • meghanavdeodhar says:

      Hoping I get to do some more exploring this year! I’m visiting Portland right now and trying to take in as much PNW as I can. Nice to check out your blog too! It looks like you travel a lot and do 101 in 1001! 🙂 I am trying to work on the harder things on my list these days!


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