Easy Candied Yams


We stuck with pie this Thanksgiving so I missed out on yams, especially since I recently acquired a taste for them. I really hated yams growing up but started liking them in college when I ate sweet potato fries from Studio One cafe in Eugene, OR. If you are at University of Oregon you really must go try the eggs benedict from there. Absolutely the best.

ANYWAYS, I made candied yams and thought I’d share the recipe. It is so easy that some may even call it a cheat recipe since most ingredients are pre-packaged.

Prep Time: 10min
Baking Time: 25min


  • 2 cans yams (28oz)
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
Grease a pie dish or casserole dish and pre-heat oven to 350.

IMG_3501.jpgDrain the yams from the cans and mash them or slice them into smaller bits. Put the mashed yams into the greased dish


Put a dash amount of nutmeg on top (don’t go too heavy otherwise the taste of nutmeg will overpower the potatoes).IMG_3507.jpg

Cube the butter and distribute evenly along with the brown sugar.


Bake for 20 min and remove from oven. Switch the oven from bake to broil.


Marshmallow time – arrange them nicely on top as seen in the picture below.IMG_3514.jpg

Put the dish back into the oven (on broil) for 5-7 min. Make sure to keep a close eye on the dish since you don’t want the marshmallows to burn.

Remove from oven when the marshmallows are browned/toasted. IMG_3516.jpgServe while hot! Enjoy 🙂



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