Christmas in Chicago


Christmas in Chicago was just what I needed. Utterly delicious, family time and lounging. We like road-tripping and saving money so we decided to drive there for a last minute holiday. It was a long 12 and a half hours but it wasn’t so bad and the weather really cooperated with us. Winter storm Goliath almost got in our way on the way home but we lucked out and the roads were all clear. Here are a selection of our days in Chicago:

Day 1: Christmas Eve

A Light Meal & Cookie Decorating ~




Ballerina Mouse?


Moustache Man


Battle of Gettsyberg, By Lyle



Day 2: Christmas!


Aebleskivers Breakfast –these are delicious! Danish pancake balls with jelly inside. Here’s a link to a good recipe.




We also had halved oranges dipped in powdered sugar. An adorable family tradition.


And of course, with our bellies full we are ready for present time!

My favorite gift I gave this year was a watercolor painting. I was so nervous to give something I had created on my own but I was so glad I did. I was so flattered–they put it up in their kitchen right away. It gave me some confidence in my work going into 2016!


What do you do after opening presents and lounging all day? Eat a delicious feast. Wish I had captured a comprehensive picture of the food but I was too distracted by the meal. Here was the setup. I loved the table settings. I’m excited to grow a collection of my own (someday!).


After our lunch we were so stuffed that we had to get out for a walk in the prairie. We were blessed to have such beautiful weather that day!



Lyle & Dunkle (The Dog)


Day 3: Milwaukee, WI

On our final day we took a mini day trip to Milwaukee, WI. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t too far from northern Chicago suburbs. Now, I have crossed off one of my states I want to visit. Check out my post on my USA travels.

We started our day out visiting the Milwakuee Art Museum. I really enjoyed their contemporary art. Some of my favorite pieces-IMG_20151226_113640542.jpgIMG_20151226_113906020_HDR.jpgIMG_20151226_121345588.jpgIMG_20151226_123522675_HDR.jpgIMG_20151226_123556376_HDR.jpg

After browsing art for a while our stomachs were getting rumbly. We went to Uber Tap Room & Cheese Bar in downtown Milwaukee. SO GOOD. And very reasonably priced! Also, how can you go wrong with Wisconsin beer, cheese and salami?




All in all, it was a great trip with much needed family time, laughs and excellent food. Happy New Year!



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