Crafting Valentine’s Cards


I’m not sure how I feel about Valentines Day… on one hand, it pressures people to make out of the ordinary gestures to impress upon loved ones. But on the other hand, it gives us a day where we can reflect and truly appreciate the unconditional love that is given to us. Ideally, we should be doing a little bit this reflection everyday but it is tough especially when we get caught up in our routines.  So, even though I feel like Valentines day is a holiday for Hallmark to make money, it forces me to think about my loved ones and why they are special to me.

Not a huge fan of the consumeristic aspect of it all so this year, I have decided to make the process of Valentines card giving a little more personal by painting my own greeting cards. There will be no spending money on Papyrus cards and boxes of chocolates (I love both of those things by the way) !

Last year, I started learning a bit about watercoloring. It is a beautiful medium and is actually quite therapeutic for me. I took a few hours this weekend to sit down and create some originals that I would like to make into greeting cards for Valentines Day. Check out some of my brainstorming below 🙂




IMG_3715 (1).jpg

I really regret adding script to this one :/


Let me know what you think! I am hoping to come up with a few others ideas before making my final decisions for printing.

Love your loved ones! XO


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