Weekend Surfing

IMG_3754.JPGI had a crazy busy weekend that consisted of lots of socializing–dinner club (featured above), birthday parties, and brunch plans. Everyone seemed to have a new found motivation to get out and do things. I am sure that being stuck at home after last week’s storm had something to do with it!


Dinner Club: Pasta Night

In my downtime however, I like to surf the internet and peruse the little corners of the internet. Surprisingly I do not use Reddit which is something that most internet enthusiasts love. I usually stick to The New York Times, Bloglovin, Pinterest and blogs that I follow. These are a handful of things I’ve found this weekend–

  • Creating Personal Style 
    This is something I struggle with so I decided to take a look at what others have done to hone in on their personal style. Modern Mrs. Darcy is a great blog that cover this topic (and many others!). I found it to be interesting and somewhat helpful. The only thing that I have trouble with is closet detox. I like the idea of it but, I just can’t get myself to give away clothes that I spent money on just cause they are not my favorites.

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