Oh Oregon, How I Love You

20150405_155210.jpgHello–it’s been a while! Happy first day of May! April was an unusual but exciting month for me. I was transitioning jobs and decided to take a good bit of time off in between. I was able to sneak in a trip to the Outer Banks, NC like I did last year (check out my post here) and was also able to visit my family and friends in Portland. Going home was long overdue!


Visiting Oregon made me realize how much I appreciate and long to be here. I am happy where I am and what I do but boy, there is just something special about Oregon! The nature, friendly people, family, ease of life.  Just look at those tulips up there! GORGEOUS!

I did my fair share of appreciating the outdoors and eating of course. Stopped by at Moonstruck Chocolate. I remember as a kid my mom would sometimes bring us some chocolate treats from work–those were special days!


Ironically I did not have any chocolate but tried a pretty pistachio macaron. IMG_4013.jpg

I was also lucky to have spent some time with my oldest childhood friend. She is a traveling adventurer so I was lucky to have caught her in PDX! It was so nice to catch up with her…wish we had more time or lived in the same city! Maybe someday…


Since it was in the middle of term and my sister was busy, I made a quick mini visit down to the University of Oregon to visit her, friends and some professors. Below is a picture of Lillis Business Complex where I went to school! GO DUCKS!!


After a long day strolling campus and visiting folks, my sister and a group of friends went to dinner at Izumi’s. We used to go there all the time and it was such a nice way to top off my visit to Eugene! Their Happy Hour is exceptional and their sushi is actually very high quality. I have yet to find a comparable place in Baltimore.


Also got to see an old friend! We went on a nice walk through campus and reminisced on our college days. It was really great seeing her life and hear about what she’s accomplished.


After returning to Portland, I made sure to do some bucket-list items, such as visiting Powells City of Books. If you have never gone, it is an absolute must see. This place will knock your socks off–it is HUGE and full of books of all sorts of genres.


I can literally spend a whole day in there.


I did many more things but actually forgot to document them cause I was having too much fun !

The only thing I wish I had was more time. It went by so quickly. Now,  I back and have started my new job and have gotten into a rhythm. It’s crazy how time flies! I’m turning 24 this week! It’s nuts!


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