My birthday this year fell on a work day but, the week leading up and after entailed eating fancy meals, fancy wine, and eating fancy cake and goodies. MY FAVORITE 🙂 Beyond the delicious meals, here are 24 things that I was grateful for this past year. I know I am a full month behind but, nevertheless it’s a good exercise to think about what you are grateful for and it actually helps to write it out. It helps you feel good and stay positive. I try to do this on at least a yearly basis but sometimes its helpful to do it weekly too!

(1) Friends

(2) My Family — If you ever want any portraits done, call up Andrea! She is just wonderful and so very talented! She took this picture of my family right before I moved away from home. She has taken my senior pictures and I plan on using her at my wedding!

Events - 7630

(3) Lyle — love this guy and he loves his bloody Mary for brunch. ❤


(4) Meeting Family Near and Far (Lyle’s Beautiful Ma and Sister)


(5) Apartment with a View

Events - 7978

(6) Flowers on my Birthday — Thank you, Lyle!


(7) Oriole’s Game


(8) CorePower Yoga

IMG_3785 (1)

(9) New Learning Experiences – My new job!


(10) Vacation to Mexico


(11) Prius – gotta love this car. It moved me all the way across the country!

Events - 7708

(12) Powells/Books To Read


(13) ArubaEvents - 8389

(14) Seche Vite – best topcoat ever. Get the 3 pack off amazon for $10. In store each 1 is about $10!

(15) Brunch at Tabard Inn – This was my official celebratory meal for my 24th birthday. One of the best brunch spots I have ever been to! Choose their Benedict but their chicken and waffles is amazing!


(16) Lucky Jeans – Now I actually believe that that story of the sisterhood of the traveling pants might be true. How can your friends jeans fit you perfectly? Well they did. Not sure how well they will work on you but try the “Brooke Skinny”. Amazing fit! It’s like they were made for me.

(17) Gas Stove  – didn’t realize how important this is but it really makes a difference when cooking! It is especially important to Lyle who is the main chef of the house 😉

(18) Cooks Illustrated — Recommended by Cindy (check out her new blog here)! Every recipe I have ever made from here has turned out excellent. Highly recommend investing in one of these. It almost seems like a modern Joy of Cooking.


(19) Winsor & Newton Watercolors – Have not used any other paints. These are good quality, highly pigmented colors that help add a bit of drama to your paintings.


(20) Sunsets — In Puerto Vallarta


(21) Penpals – I love getting mail from talented artists 🙂 Always a nice surprise in the mail.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.48.09 PM

(22) Right to Vote – did not realize how important this was until I recently voted in the primary election this April! Everyone should exercise their right to vote.

(23) Good Health – This is something that I am grateful for but also want to give more attention to. Our bodies work hard for us everyday and I am trying to make more of a deliberate effort drink enough water, eat nutritiously, take vitamins, etc.

(24) High Quality Cook Ware — Lyle recently invested in some high quality cooking products. Le Creuset, anyone? Very happy with our adorable red cast iron.


What are you grateful for? Hope your birthday was as delicious, relaxing and anticlimactic as mine was. XO


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