Lake Ariel, PA


A few weekends delayed but, I wanted to show off some of the awesome scenery from this summertime getaway. When I moved out east, I was totally convinced that the beauty of the East Coast is by no means comparable to what I grew up with in the Pacific Northwest. However, I do have to admit that I have seen some pretty beautiful places out here recently. I’m still partial to the West Coast but I think the East Coast is growing on me a bit more!

I took the GRE’s the Saturday morning before leaving for Lake Ariel, PA. Not the most exciting way to start the weekend but it felt pretty great to get some time away from the city right after a big test.


Dipped my feet in the water right when I got there. The water was very swimmable and not too cold. Perfect to jump in and cool off after the hot afternoon.

Spent a lot of time feasting and drinking…



Tandoori Chicken (C/O Lyle) …Sooo delicious!


(This was my first time kayaking and though I was scared at first, it was so peaceful and serene. We made sure to get out early enough before all the powerboats got out which made all the difference. It’s often scary to try new things but I’m so glad I did it. Lyle says to try white water…I’ll have to take a rain check until I gain the courage to get sloshed around by a raging river. Until I become a bit braver, I’ll just stick to lake kayaking. :))


My Outdoorsman ❤



…and hanging out with friends.


It was a perfect weekend getaway. This trip reminded me that I need to spend more time outdoors. It also encouraged me to try new things so here’s to the next adventure. ENJOY THE SUMMER! 🙂

P.S. Want to do a similar trip? Check out the place we rented! Great for a big crowd.


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