Escape to Artscape


In a sundress and my hair is up–ready for the 35th annual Artscape!

Artscape is the country’s largest free art festival located in Baltimore’s historic district, Mt. Vernon. It is HUGE and pretty overwhelming. It always happens to fall on the hottest weekend of the year, it blocks traffic for a whole week, makes Mt. Vernon a total chaotic mess and everyone is sweaty and overheated. But, it is also pretty awesome!

Food carts line up throughout the neighborhood, along with artists, vendors and exhibits that relate to the theme of the year. This year’s theme was Space.




The clouds and sun were really working with me!

We checked out some UFO’s and walked through some super eclectic and artsy exhibits that I would never understand.

And as always, we ended up at the food 🙂


I wasn’t planning on a crab cake but with the option available and no line, I gave in. I promised myself I’ll go for something else the next time I have food truck options.


Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich (w/ Old Bay, of course)

The crew for the night…


Oh, I forget to mention that there are also concerts and parties at venues in the area that are all connected to the event. You can spend all weekend there. We only got to spend our Friday evening at the festival but, there is always next year!


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