Fresh Summer Haircut – Olaplex + Zoom



It got to a point where my mane of hair was too much to care of and it was becoming super unhealthy. Split ends and very coarse and the color was fading into a blonde. I needed a hair cut desperately!

I am really bad about regularly visiting a cuttery. I go maybe once a year and by that point my hair is in pretty bad shape and I’m ready to cut it all off. This time around was no exception. It was in especially bad shape since I had gotten my hair colored for the first time. I tried the balayage technique and I loved it at first. It was a lighter brownish/red shade that blended well with my natural color. But, the color came out fairly quickly and lightened to a blonde. It also become extremely course and felt chemically damaged and I really just wanted to have healthy, non-highlighted hair again.

I went to Zoom day spa in Patterson Park neighborhood in Baltimore. Found them on Yelp and read all their reviews. They checked out well and appeared to have amazing prices on their services.

I drove by a few times looking for it and couldn’t even tell that it was a salon. It’s situated in a restored traditional row-home.  Super unassuming exterior yet Zoom had beautiful exposed brick, two level salon experience, clean and classy vibe and a very comfortable atmosphere. They even brought me coffee from their kitchen!



Entry Way and Middle Floor


Downstairs Hair Salon Space


When I got there, I needed some help. My 3 requirements for Markella were that I had to be able to put it up, I wanted it to be healthy and I wanted the blonde to go away.

This was my hair before the cut. I hadn’t washed it for a few days so please excuse the greasy look!


Markella suggested that we cut everything that was dry and dead off. It ended up being about 6-7″. She also suggested that I do an Olaplex treatment that revitalizes hair that has undergone chemical damage. It was pretty apparent that my hair had not done well with the color from my prior salon visit and I’m so glad I invested in doing this.

I had never done a treatment before so I was a little hesitant. But, I do have to admit that I do notice a huge difference. It’s a 3 part treatment–2 of the parts you do at the salon and the last step is optional and can be purchased for at home use. I only did the 2 steps and my hair feels soft and healthy again.

While waiting, I picked the stylists’ brain about tips and best practices for caring for my hair. Every time I go, the stylist imparts a bits of knowledge on me that I try to make into a habits. Last year, it was using conditioner, using non-paraban shapoos and not washing your hair everyday. Yes, I went years without using conditioner. Somehow it seemed to not bother me.

I have successfully managed to improve on those areas. I use conditioner, I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I invested in some better quality (healthy) shampoo. This year, I gathered a few tips from Markella that I am hoping to work on. (1) Washing out my shampoo and conditioner with cold water (2) getting a regular trim to avoid 6in of dead hair (3) using/incorporating a leave in conditioner (she recommended It’s a 10)

So with that, I present Markella magic, turning my mane of hair soft, silky and manageable. Nothing like a fresh haircut and refreshing!IMG_4765


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