Stitch Fix Take 3


My third Stitch Fix has arrived. Every box you schedule you receive 5 items. You can personalize sizing, price, style (kind of..) and they also have options for maternity wear and special occasion styling.

I requested mid price range clothing, casual clothes. I received a super bold skirt, a mint crossbody and 3 shirts.IMG_4609

I have tried Stitch Fix a few times and the first time was great. I got this pretty red halter top dress (something that I would never have chosen for myself) and a pair of jeans that somehow miraculously fit. But since that first time Stitch Fix has digressed from my style and preferences.

This was my third stitch fix and really the only reason I opted in to get one was because they waived the $20 styling fee. So luckily, since I didn’t like any of the items I sent them all back and did not lose out on my $20.

I received this white patterned shirt. Call me picky but I just was not into the fabric. It felt a bit cheap and scratchy. Also the pattern was not spectacular and definitely not worth $58.


Then there was this skirt. Though I like the Lysse brand, this was just so out of my style. I would never pick this in store and it didn’t really fit that well either. A bit too bold for me and was not tempted to spend $88 on it.IMG_4608

The third item was this mint leather crossbody. Though I liked the color, I already own a crossbody with fringe and I think one fringe bag is enough. It was also a bit pricey ($58) for a purse that you could find at Target for much less.IMG_4604

Then there was this top. I actually was really drawn to the fit of this top. Peplum tops work pretty well on my frame but I was not a huge fan of the pattern or the fabric. My closet already has a few bold patterned tops and I didn’t need another one for $58.IMG_4605

Lastly there was this top. It was just ok…the style and embroidery wasn’t a drawback but the material felt cheap and thin. The price of this was $44.IMG_4606

Sooo..that was unsuccessful! But, it is fun to try Stitch Fix once if you have never tried it before. The first time around I received 3 items that I really liked and they were pieces that I would never choose for myself. If you do decide to keep something in your box then the $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. But with the same token, if you send everything back you will loose your $20 (unless you get the fee waived! 🙂 ) Also a good thing to be aware of–I have sometimes found items in my box online for cheaper so make sure they are not over charging you!

Has anyone tried other clothes subscriptions? I’ve heard of Vetta Capsule,  Trunk Club but I’m not sure if those are any better. Would love to hear recommendations!


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