A Jewelry Capsule


I wanted to share some of my favorites item in my jewelry box.  This capsule of pieces goes with pretty much anything and everything. It’s easy to pair and a good investment. Above is my favorite necklace from Gorjana. I bought it during a sale and got it for $40 so keep a lookout! It was a little bit shorter than I expected but it’s good quality and it’s gold plated so it doesn’t tarnish quickly like other fake jewelry. I would still try to avoid getting it wet in the shower to help it last longer.

I also have these Marc Jacobs studs which are good for work. Very flattering and easy to wear with  my professional clothes. They are a bit heavy but I’m sure there are lighter weight options. These are sold out but, here is a similar style.

Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
So, I don’t own these ear climbers but I’ve been searching for some good ones. I like the delicate and sterling silver look of these, which are found on ArtiKats shop on Etsy. LOVE these and am tempted to get them for my next present to myself.
I also am a huge fan of these longer statement earrings. They are still simple but offer a little more interest to your outfit, especially when you wear your hair up. They can be found on Organikx Etsy shop and are also sterling silver. For anyone who has sensitive ears, stick with either sterling silver or gold plated. It may be a bit more expensive but will last longer and its better to invest in timeless pieces.
It’s  also nice to have a necklace that’s sterling silver. I have this one from this artist in Baltimore called, Yummy and Company. I bought this necklace at the American Craft Council show but you can also shop online on etsy. This jewelry is awesome–delicate designs painted onto a piece of clay. It’s extremely durable and this is one of the pieces I have no hesitation about getting in the water or wearing through my shower. Highly recommend it. Also their prices aren’t wildly expensive so its great if you are tight on funds.
As far as bracelets and statement necklaces go–you can always add a few more colorful or dramatic pieces to your collection but this is a good place to start.

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