A Grano’le Time at Hampden Pasta Bar


To celebrate L’s science successes this week we visited a quaint little pasta bar in the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore. I love this area. It has a lot of unique people walking around, lots of art, farmers markets and its a very tight knit community from what I can tell. We’re making more effort to head up there when we decide to go out for dinner.

This time, we headed to Grano and ate carbs to our heart’s desire. The menu is set up so you can customize your pasta–first by picking the sauce (both meat and veggie options) and then picking the type of pasta. They also had fresh bread, meatballs and salad options.


It was a small galley like space and the chef was cooking up a storm right in front of us. It felt like we were on a cooking show as they transferred our freshly made pasta from the pans into the dishes in front of us. They also had some pretty cool glassware and the ambience was relaxed yet the quality was not compromised.


The bread dipped in olive oil with roasted garlic was AWESOME. Very fresh and a perfect way to start a meal.IMG_4981

We also ordered meatballs because what is pasta without meatballs? We had no choice than to order a side since neither of us had ordered a pasta with red sauce. The meatballs were great but it’s not the dish that will have me going back to Grano. I’ve had better meatballs and I’ve had worse. If you are in the mood though, go for it! 🙂


We were both needing some comfort food and this hit the spot. I ordered a Gorgonzola cheese sauce with walnuts sprinkled on top and it was served over fresh linguine. I’ve had fresh pasta a few times recently and it makes such a huge difference. Super delicious.IMG_4984

Of course we shared but, L ordered the Carbonara over fusili pasta. Probably the best carbonara I’ve ever had. Be warned–it is heavy and filling. You may need to take a break.IMG_4983

Once we gobbled all of that up, we went for it and ordered Tiramisu for dessert. I would have taken a photo of it but I like dessert too much and started eating and realized afterwards that I didn’t have a photo. Like most other things at Grano, the Tiramisu was super. Fluffy and moist and the bitter cocoa powder on top topped it off.

Are you hungry yet? 🙂

This is an excellent place for date night or a casual get together with friends.  I would highly recommend it!


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