Long (Labor) Overdue (Day) Weekend


I think we can all agree that 3 day weekends need to be a more regular thing. I not only feel more rejuvenated but I can bet that I am way more productive in the 4 day workweek. Labor day weekend always mark the end of summer vacation and blues of buying school textbooks and your new and improved back to school wardrobe  year sets in.

This year, I finally got over that hump. I am no longer a a student and LDW does not mean anything other than an extra day to recuperate and chill. Thats me up there lazying around on this holiday weekend. I did do a good bit of socializing and eating. Went out to Fells on Friday night with friends and stayed out till 3am!! I never do that. I have become a grandma as of late but I think a little bit of my younger side made a long awaited debut. Probably has something to do with the fact that we had an extra day to get better from the late night and headaches.

Anyways, in my downtime, here a few interesting things I found on the interweb-

LH Calligraphy Workshop in Annapolis

Best Booty Workout – no equipment at home workout

Canning Peaches 101

Custom Wax Seal Stamp

Ona Bag – so lovely, so spendy!

Cold Brew Baby

As you can tell, I am doing nothing stressful this weekend. Just how I like it. Happy Labor Day!


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