Holiday DIY: Goat Milk Lavender Soap


Trying to come up with an easy gift to send to friends for the holidays? Homemade presents don’t have to be a struggle. Try this recipe and make some beautiful homemade lavender goat milk soap. It’s thoughtful, smells awesome and is a nice little way to appreciate some special people in your life.

Also, this is not going to be a DIY where you will have any room to fail. No pinterest fails here.

Start to finish in 20 min and will yield 12 bars of soap (if you use the same molds).



Set up all your ingredients.


Remove the casing from the goat milk base and cut it into smaller cubes. It does not have to be precise but the pieces should be of relatively similar sizes so that they melt easier.


Put them all in a microwave safe measuring cup and melt in the microwave 30 seconds at a time until all pieces are completely melted through. If not all of the pieces fit the first time just repeat the process again for the rest of the soap base.img_5030

Now is the fun part! Add in your proportion of soap dye. I wanted a shade of lavender so I went with  10 drops of red and 10 drops of blue. Try out a few drops at a time and add in as you see fit. Once the color has been stirred in properly, now we can add the oil. It depends on how how strong of a scent you prefer but, I added 20 drops and my soap smells like lavender but is not overbearing.img_5051

Now it’s time to add the dried lavender. There’s not a right amount so just add in as you see fit! Stir it up and then you are ready to pour.img_5052

Pour into the soap mold and let it sit. That’s all, folks! Repeat for your second batch and your  stocking stuffers are ready to go.img_5060

Let them set for at least 5hours. Once they can easily pop out you can wrap em up or tie some sort of ribbon around them. I tried both. The first photo shows the soap with just ribbon and the one below is another idea I had.


This recipe is a good base recipe. You can always get creative and change up the essential oil or the lavender to create a whole new variety. Some other ideas could be to use other things such as, dried flowers, oatmeal, etc. if you want to get creative. Enjoy!



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