Divine Charcuterie

IMG_4343 (1)Food seems to be top of mind these days and what’s better than some gouda ole’ cheese and meat? Also, why are charcuterie platters so photogenic? The pic above is one than my super awesome chef cousin made for me last spring. He’s a pro and can definitely cook….i.e. he doesn’t just arrange nice looking charcuterie boards.

This one below is a board for people who are HUNGRY for a full meal. Hangry eyes may think that this is a small amount of food but its very filling. You may regret eating it all by yourself cause you might get sick so sharing is probably is a good plan.

This is from Cultured at the Mt. Vernon Marketplace. Worth a visit. Also–get a fancy cocktail. They know what they are doing.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.54.42 PM.png

Here are some others that are super pretty:



Hope you are inspired by the boards. Treat yourself.


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